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Monday, August 6, 2007

On-Line Floras, plant names and more

This is just a beginning list of links I use fairly often. I will also be adding these to the link lists on the side of this page.
includes (among others):

Plant name links:
  • RHS Plantfinder (The online search feature is halfway down the page in the gray box)
Plant Name and Phytogeography links:
  • USDA Plants (Names, State and County location maps, Links to pictures and descriptions_


Bernard said...

you have a good site, you even have the list of moss flora of China. Why don't you also review some Indonesian flora? I heard this country has some wonderful kinds or flora, as well. My favourite flora from this county is orchid flower.

Alvaro said...

It's great you made this blog, dude. I was looking for more information about Chinese flora and you provide it a lot. I get many useful references from this blog.