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Thursday, February 7, 2008

International Field Guides Database

Today on the Taxacom Email-List I learned about an online Database of Field Guides by Diane Schmitt of the University Library of the University of Illinois. This database has 5410 listings of field guides to all kinds of natural things from Orchids, Wildflowers and other plants to reptiles to astronomical objects and even Aboriginal Rock Engravings and French Cheeses. She is always adding more to this project she has been working on for many years. The focus is on books you can carry in the field rather easily. (It does not include "Floras" and other comprehensive works which only people as obsessive as me carry in the field :-) There are many books in languages besides English too.

I found the best way to get information out of it is by using the search feature. To find things again you can save the titles you find interesting in your own "Book bag" for your future referenc or to hand out a wish list to friend and family for the next gift giving occasion.

There is an announcement of the Database's availability and contents at the University of Illinois web site

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