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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interactive key to the Cyperaceae of North America.

A new online/interactive Key to the Cyperaceae of North America is now available and announced today on Taxacom by Timothy M. Jones a Ph.D. Student at LSU . I will have to start learning these better and not wait until retirement. I do like the interactive glossary for the Cyperaceae!

Timothy Jones announced:

"Interactive identification keys to Xyris, Cyperus, Kyllinga, Rhynchospora, Scleria, and Carex are now available on the Louisiana State University Herbarium website. The keys are free to use and written in Lucid 3. 4. Additionally, a demonstration of a new interactive glossary to the Cyperaceae written with Cooliris is available, as well as a demo interactive/zoom-able phylogenetic trees and data on the Cyperaceae. This is presented using Deepzoom(of project Seadragon). All are at"

This is a beautiful Carex species I took pictures of last June in a sphagnum bog in Quebec. I should try keying it out (or just send the pictures to a botanist I know:-)

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