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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 15 th Meeting Announcement for the Muhlenberg Botanic Club

Ralph Goodno of the Lancaster County Conservancy will be presenting a program about the Urban Forest Center. The vision for the center involves vegetative restoration of a degraded site; developing conservation and ecological education opportunities and facilities (indoor and outdoor); expanding recreational and wellness programs; design and build highly sustainable site and buildings as demonstrations of what can be done with current and emerging technologies and design practices. Through a highly public design charrette is December and multiple public meetings, they have developed a schematic site master plan for the project and are eager to receive additional public feedback and involvement as the planning and design moves through the next steps.

The Conservancy would love to receive ideas and feedback on our their plan. Also there are clearly opportunities for the Muhlenberg Botanic Society to become involved in the project as they are planning a series of “Centers” at the site. These include 1) Public Engagement Center, 2) Conservation Center, 3) Nature Education Center, 4) Collaboration Center, and 5) Stewardship Center. 

See you all Thursday at 7 pm for the program and the refreshments!

Mike Slater, Vice-president, Muhlenberg Botanic Society

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