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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I just found the following web site. I will have to start reporting and using it for invasive species monitoring: There is a lot of data on these maps about where invasive species are found right now.

EDDMapS - Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System

Invasive Species Mapping Made Easy!

  • Real time tracking of invasive species occurrences
  • Local and national distribution maps
  • Electronic early detection reporting tools
  • Library of identification and management information

Japanese Stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) photo by Mike Slater

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nov. 21st Meeting - Local Ecologist to speak about new possibilities in biocontrol of invasive species .

Richard T. Gardner, "Non-native Invasive Plants." 

Non-native invasive plants are a major problem throughout the world. This presentation will identify major local invasive plants, discuss their biocontrol and bioeradication and finish with new exciting local developments in the field which have the potential to radically change how non-native invaders are dealt with.

7 pm at the north museum:   See the newsletter for info about other programs -Newsletter link

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Muhlenberg Botanic Society - Thursday October 17: Sam Jones will present, "The Monkey Puzzle Tree: A Story of Survival."

A long-time member and proprietor of the Atlantic Star Nursery in Forest Hill, MD, Sam will speak about the native distribution, cultural requirements, and seed propagation of this tree. His 60 images will provide a description, classification and geological lineage. In addition, he will show images from Chile and eastern N.A.and provide information about Archibald Menzies, the plant explorer.

7:00 pm in our regular meeting place at the North Museum in Lancaster.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Meetings Starting for the Muhlenberg Botanical Club and Newsletter Announcement

September 19: 7pm at the North Museum

Members' Night Photos and Plant Exchange.

Bring a show and tell item, old copies of nature magazines, slides, or a digital show to share. A laptop and
digital projector setup will be available. Anyone with film slides to share should let John Wolff know so he can bring a traditional projector.

For the plant exchange, please bring well-potted plants other members might like to adopt. Although our focus is on native plants, others are fine, too. Members who don't have plants to share are welcome—actually encouraged—to take plants home.

We must continue to KEEP THE MEETING ROOM CLEAN, SO PLEASE BRING PLANTS IN FAIRLY CLEAN POTS AND MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO INSECTS ON THEM.  If you spill dirt/plants, etc., YOU are responsible for cleaning up the mess. We need to leave the Kinsey room as
clean or cleaner than we found it so we can continue these exchanges.

Swamp Thistle - Cirsium muticum - Photo by Mike Slater
The September Newsletter is on line now at this link.