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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Upcoming Meeting of the Muhlenberg Botanic Club WILL BE OUR LAST ONE EVER unless volunteers step forward now!

Hello Muhlenberg Botanic Club Members and Friends,

There will be a meeting of the club this coming Thursday at 7 pm in the Kinsey Room at the North Museum. We will have a members sharing night so bring show and tell items or pictures to share. We will have a computer and projector available to use and also I can bring an old fashioned slide projector if anyone has old pictures (Just let me know if it is needed. ).

We will also have our regular plant exchange. Please clean the outside of pots to avoid bringing dirt into the building. We will have the tables covered.  Please try to keep the area as clean as possible.

Finally as we announced last spring, we have been unable to get anyone new to serve as club officers. We need a president, a program coordinator, a field trip coordinator a newsletter editor at least. We have no one for these positions, The people that have done these for years can’t do it anymire. If people don’t volunteer, this will be the very last meeting of the Muhlenberg Botanic Club!

One proposal has been to merge with the Lancaster butterfly club which in hopes that between the two groups we can get enough people to keep a natural history club going in the Lancaster area. There is a lot of membership overlap between the two groups already and their programs are often about general nature and wildflowers too. I think this is a good fit. I
will be making a formal motion about this at the meeting on Thursday.

The Lancaster Butterfly and Entomology Club meets at 7 pm on the first Monday of each month (in the same room we do at the North Museum) from March through October. However, in September the meeting is on the 2nd Monday due to the Labor Day Holiday, so tomorrow night is their meeting. It should be a good one. Dr. John Wallace from Millersville University will be presenting a Program on Forensic Entomology

I hope to see you all Thursday night (and maybe Monday too).
Mike Slater, web master and Past President

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