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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OCTOBER 20, 2016 Muhlenberg Botanic Club Meeting

From Ruthann Richards

Greetings, Muhlenberg members!

As those of you who were at the April, May, and September meetings know, this has been a tough year for the Society, in part because of the death of our President and one of our long-time field trip leaders, Joan King. In addition, as Tim Draude indicated at the last few meetings, only a few people have been carrying the burden as officers for the last couple of decades. If we aren't able to recruit new people to take over these tasks, the organization may have to fold.

Both Tim and Mike Slater have suggested that we might combine with the Butterfly/Insect Club since our interests are similar. That is a possibility, but those who attended the September meeting seemed quite keen on finding a way out of this conundrum. I would like to suggest that we try to keep going, with the help of new people, through next spring and then reassess the situation.

Various people came up with new ideas at the Sept. meeting—ideas that we need to discuss in more detail. Therefore, I suggested that we use the October 20 meeting primarily as a springboard to gather ideas and figure out ways to make this a viable organization again, even though our membership may remain small.

In order to facilitate matters at the October meeting, I would like to request that members send me their ideas so we don't just waste time with a “free for all” discussion that doesn't achieve any concrete results.

These are the areas in which we need the most suggestions:
1.        For officers—even if you will only serve as an interim officer;
2.        For people who have contacts to potential speakers;
3.        For people who will set up field trips.

Please send your suggestions to me at   or call (717-872-7574) as soon as possible so I can organize them. Even if you think an idea might not work, send it anyway: one never knows.

Whether or not you have any suggestions, please respond to two matters:
1.        Do you want to see the organization continue? And
2.        Would you be available to meet on a different day of the third week of the month? List which days (Monday through Thursday) you would be available in order of preference.

We agreed to have a seed exchange at the October meeting, so please save seeds from native plants (or others that are valuable as pollinator plants in your garden). Bring envelopes for others who might like some of your seeds (I use primarily old envelopes from all the solicitations that arrive in the mail). If the seeds need particular care over the winter, be ready to explain that as well.

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